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Conference background
Global supply chain 20 years a restructuring, 2014 just is to usher in a major restructuring of years. In Chinese, 2014 in the Internet economy Chinese enterprise, supply chain is facing rapid transformation and innovation. A change this year for the industry, we see too many competitive revolutions, at the same time we saw new business opportunities are conceived and born. What is gratifying is that creative enterprises are trying to get a good effect, at the same time outbreak of a new supply chain model of many innovative.

During the past year, A.T.Unicorn's supply chain events has successfully attracted 1000+ senior professionals from 300+ manufacturers, retailers & E-commerce, 3PL,and IT companies, consulting institute worldwide. Based on the great success, we are excited to launch the " Fifth (2014) China Smart Supply Chain Circuit Forum"(SCL 2014). There will gather 2000+ Senior professionals of Supply Chain with a key focus on excellent solutions and best practices of Warehousing and distribution centers of Manufacturers, Retailers, E-commerce. A.T.Unicorn will continued to present you a strategic platform to witness the newest technologies and achievements, access the best strategies and innovations which really work in China and improve your supply chain performance.

6 Big benefits you cannot afford to miss:
  • Discuss your toughest issues with best-in-class professionals face-to-face
  • Share new ideas and emerging challenges with your peers across industries, home and abroad
  • Identify the best Practices and innovations which work in China
  • Seize future development trend of supply chain to develop your most effective supply chain strategy
  • Build stronger relationships with the leading decision makers driving the future of the supply chain industry
  • Access to the latest tools, approaches, and solutions for your supply chain management and logistics

Want congress to be the age of the Internet communication and collaboration of supply chain management innovation platform------Haier Electronics Group
Wish the forum has more the influence of industry-------- Lenovo
Thanks for providing experience exchange platform on this event---- Metro (China)
A congress organization very well!---- CHEP (China)
Meeting organization very well, well-known enterprises of experiences to share---- Schneider Electric (China)