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Day 1

Academic Exchange
9:05-9:10 Welcome Remarks By the Chairman
9:10-9:40[Keynote Speech] Benchmarking Management to Optimize Supply Chain Leadership Practice
♦   How the Enterprise Supply Chain Goals and Combination of the Overall Strategy?
♦   How to Achieve Perfect Benchmarking Project or Program
♦   Benchmarking Project Challenges and Expectations
9:40-10:10[Keynote Speech] How to Deal With the Globalization of Trade Barriers?
♦   Barriers to Trade Regulations Background of Globalization
♦   The Impact on the Bilateral or Multilateral Trade Relations
♦   Countermeasures and Suggestions to Deal with Foreign Technical Barriers to Trade
10:10-10:40[Keynote Speech] How to Use the Concept of Lean Logistics on Supply Chain?
♦   The Main Difference of Lean Production and Agile Manufacturing
♦   Integration Strategy of Lean Production and Agile Manufacturing
♦   Lean and Agile Supply Chain Development Trend in The Future
10:40-11:10strong>Tea Break & Networking
11:10-11:40[Keynote Speech] Logistics Outsourcing Pain Points and Innovation
♦   Is Logistics Outsourcing a Double-Edged Sword?
♦   The Optimization and Innovation of Logistics Outsourcing Operation Process
♦   Logistics Outsourcing Partner Selection
11:40-12:10[Keynote Speech] Guide the Innovative Integration of E-commerce Supply Chain
♦   Guarantee is The Real Consumer demand information sharing of the supply chain integration
♦   How to deal with the information distortion And Bullwhip Effect?
♦   From Products to Service, Multi-Channel Network Amphibious Assault
12:00Lunch Buffet
Technology and Equipment
14:00-14:30[Keynote Speech] The Impact of Technology Innovation in Supply Chain
♦   China Enterprise Technology of Supply Chain Management Analysis
♦   The Influence of Technology Innovation of Supply Chain Management
♦   The Future Challenges of Technical Innovation of Supply Chain Management
14:30-15:00[Case Study] The Technological, Business, Economic and Social Impact of Smart Machines
♦   Economic high point and economic growth point in the future
♦   Intelligent Machines at Present Commercial Pattern
♦   The Economic Role of Intelligent Machines in Promoting
15:00-15:30strong>Tea Break & Networking
15:30-16:00[Case Study] The Precision Distribution System of FMCG and E-commerce
♦   Why important of Precision Distribution System in FMCG and E-Commerce?
♦   How to Construct the FMCG and E-Commerce Distribution System?
♦   Difficulties and Risks of E-Commerce Self Built Distribution System
14:30-15:00[Case Study] How to Build Good Supple Chain Software?
♦   The Valuation of Supply Chain Software
♦   How to Avoid Supply Chain Software Choice Blindness?
♦   How to Manage Supple Chain Software Effectively?
16:55-17:55[Panel Discuses] How to Effectively Share Data and Information on Supply Chain?
♦   In the Supply Chain Role, Advantages and Disadvantages of 3PL/4PL
♦   Information Sharing in Supply Chain Management and Countermeasures
Day 2
9:00-9:30[Case Study] Establishment of Smart, Efficient, Green Global Transportation Networking System
♦   The Networking Environment of Global Transportation
♦   The Connection of Supply Chain Network World and the Real World
♦   How to Achieve Smart, Efficient, Green and Global Supple Chain Network
09:30-10:00 [Case Study] What is the Impact of 3D Printing on The Supply Chain in The Future?
♦   The Difference between 3D Print from Traditional Print
♦   The Development of 3D Print in the Supply Chain Management
♦   Whether it will become the Main Trend of Future Supply Chain?
10:00-10:30 [Case Study] To Build A Public Fast Automatic Decomposition system To Process Returns and Exchange
♦   Analysis of the Current E-Commerce, FMCG, Retail, Garment Processing Return Case
♦   The Tendency of Public Fast automatic Decomposition of return
♦   How to Manage and Run the Exchange Platform?
10:30-11:00Tea Break &Networking
E-commerce, FMCG, Retail, Apparel& Fashion
11:00-12:00[Keynote Speech] The Management and Control of Luxury E-Commerce Supply Chain
♦   Potential Risks and Difference of Luxury E- Commerce and Ordinary E-Commerce
♦   How to Electricity on Luxury Goods Online and Offline (O2O) for Effective Control?
♦   Looking to the Future of Luxury Goods the Development Trend of E-Commerce
12:00Lunch Buffet
14:00-14:30[Keynote Speech] Cross-Border E-commerce Supply Chain Logistics Opportunities
♦   The Cause of Cross-border Rising E-Commerce
♦   Cross-Border E-Commerce Restriction Factors and Strategies
♦   Discussed Free Trade Zone Pilot Cross-Border E-Commerce Model
14:30-15:00[Keynote Speech] European Fashion Products Supply Chain Management
♦   Case Study of Organization and Product Design
♦   The Core of the Collaborative Supply Chain Operation Model
♦   How the Fashion Industry and the 3PL Win-Win?
15:00-15:30[Panel Discuses] How to Take "The Last One Kilometer" of Chinese E-Commerce ?
♦   Understanding the New Concept of E-Commerce Distribution
♦   Familiar with Platform Architecture and Operation Description
♦   The Function of Efficient Platform and Services